Why recruiters should join Meridian°

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  • Access all crew profiles
  • Post unlimited jobs to crew
  • Share jobs automatically on social media and partner sites
  • Compete for job opportunities posted by Meridian° employers
  • Use platform as your own full service recruitment platform
  • Use integrated video interview software
  • Access Meridian° Team-verified yachting qualifications
  • Access Meridian° Team-verified work history and references
  • Some
  • View previous employer performance evaluations on crew
  • View previous employer comments on crew
  • Receive live support from dedicated Customer Success Team

Meridian° increases your agency's revenue

105 recruitment agencies trust Meridian° to help them find crew for their open positions, increasing their revenue. Additionally, we have the only platform in the industry that also sends you open jobs in the industry so that you can put your crew forward to increase your revenue even further. Want to use our platform to manage your recruitment business? Sure, you can do that too, and much more!

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Let Meridian° increase your revenue by 1) quickly filling your own open positions with highly qualified crew, and 2) fulfilling Meridian° employer open positions with the best candidates you provide. Contact us to find out more or schedule a demo.