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    72 M
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    Tankoa Yachts
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Enterprise Toolkit


  • Custom Video Interviews - Congratulations on finding several qualified candidates. Who do you choose? With Custom Video Interviews, you can now ask them custom questions, and they will answer your questions with our Video Interview software. Interview integration software saves you time and produces better hires!
  • Crew Compare - With CV’s being formatted differently, comparing them can be confusing. Now you can compare crew details side by side such as name, location, age, years of experience, longevity, certifications, and more then quickly shortlist your favorites. Compare up to 10 candidates with this add-on. Without the addon, maximum number of candidates per compare is 3.
  • Intelligent Text Search - Filters are great, but our keyword search lets you find very specific crew certificates, qualifications, skills, hobbies and more.
  • Additional Search Filters - Receive additional search filters such as Age and Gender to efficiently find top candidates.
  • Advanced Analytics - Get added insight on job post views, opens, shares, and more.


Disruptive Software

We give you the most advanced tools in the industry to quickly hire and manage qualified and vetted crew.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support team is just a phone call away, even after hours.  Every team member is cross trained to immediately answer all of your questions.

In House Verification Team

Our full-time verification team manually verifies crew work history, references, and licenses.  Once completed, a Verification Report is available for purchase.


Quickly add your current crew or crew hired from our platform to keep track of their documents, training, leave, and more.

Video Interview Software

We give you crew video interview software to see crew personality which accelerates the hiring process.

Customs & Immigration

Quickly print all crew, charter guest and owner documentation for Customs and Immigration entry saving you lots of time.

Introducing CREWmanager

(free with any subscription plan)

Crew Management
Account Management
Guest Management
Leave Management
Auto Populated Customs & Immigration Forms

Crew Management: View all of your crew together on one dashboard. Keep track of any documents or training that are coming up for renewal.


Account Management: Add sub-admins to manage your CREWmanager platform.


Guest Management: Easily add guests and guest preference sheets to the program. Notes, menus, documents, it can manage them all!


Leave Management: See who is on the boat at any time, on vacation, or on leave. Quickly approve or deny leave requests from inside the app, and more.


Auto Populated Customs & Immigration Forms: Easily generate and print auto-populated entry forms for all crew and guests on board.

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