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Meridian° offers yacht crew the most features and the best support in the industry. It's the industry's best platform to find the best jobs.
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  • Apply to jobs posted from yachts and agencies
  • Apply to jobs from Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Have crew profile manually built by experts for you
  • Access integrated video interview software
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  • Get help on-demand from a dedicated staff
  • Manage and store your documents
  • Share profile and documents with anyone
  • Receive qualification verification service
  • Receive reference and experience verification
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Creating profiles and applying to jobs on multiple job platforms is time-consuming. Meridian° is the only job platform with a team to manually build your profile for you so you spend less time building forms and more time finding your dream job. In the last 90 days we have built 1333 new crew profiles. Simply upload your CV and we will build yours too!

Our employers post their jobs here

Our employers, including superyacht captains and recruiters from all over the globe, post their jobs on the Meridian° platform. They can also use advanced filters to search and find you. You don't need to complete profiles all over the internet. Join for free, and be where the yachting industry's best jobs are.

We aggregate industry jobs for you

We are the only platform that aggregates jobs from multiple sources and places them here so you can easily apply. You no longer have to waste time searching Facebook groups, recruiter platforms, and other sites. We do that for you. If there is an open position in the industry, it's probably listed on Meridian°!

Keep digital copies of your documents and share your profile with confidence

When you upload your documents for verification, you are also creating backup copies in your profile to access whenever, wherever. Want to securely share your profile and documents with employers not on our platform? Just login, add their email address, and share. Be prepared for that next great opportunity.

Verified documents make you look great to employers

Meridian° manually verifies all licenses, qualifications, work history and references. Our process ensures you have a very well-presented profile complete with verified documents which saves employers time while searching for candidates. This increases your chance of being considered for open positions.

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