• Location: USA-Gulf
  • Vessel Flag: N/A
  • Starting Date: 01 Feb 2022
  • Vessel Size: 150' to 199' (46 to 60 meters)

Additional requirements:

  • VISA: B1/B2
  • Experience: 1 Year - 2 Year


  • Cooks certificate




I am looking for a Chef. This is a Permanent position. The start date is 01 Feb 2022. The position is in USA-Gulf. Candidate must have one of the given visa(s): B1/B2. The preferred experience level for this position is 1 Year - 2 Year.

We are searching for a Chef to join a 50 mtr Sail Yacht. Privately owned. Cooking for owners. Healthy, Fresh, locally source produce Beautifully plated cuisine. Cooking for Crew of 7 Male or Female Visa B1/B2 Current location USA. Available : - 1st week of February Salary : - €tbd

Daywork Board (1)

JOB ID: #1289

  • Start Date: Jan 31 2022
  • Region: USA-Atlantic
  • Rate Per Day: 60 USD
  • Location: Boca Raton, FL, USA

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