Yachting Terms Every Yachtie Should Know

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08 Jul 2020

Yachting Terms Every Yachtie Should Know

As a new yachtie, it can be overwhelming with the flood of new information. Although there are quite a few words to learn, here are some basic terms you'll need to know for the yacht life:

Parts of the Yacht

  • Bow: front of the boat

  • Stern/Aft: back of the boat

  • Port: left side of a yacht

  • Starboard: right side of a yacht

  • Aft deck: deck located at the rear of the boat

  • Sun deck: the usually upper deck of a ship that is exposed to the most sun

  • Bridge/Wheelhouse: the bridge of a ship is the room or platform from which the ship can be commanded

  • Lazarette: A storage space in a boat's stern area

Rooms On Board

  • Galley: kitchen

  • Saloon/Salon: living room

  • Staterooms/Cabins: guest bedrooms

  • Crew quarters: where the crew sleep

  • Head: bathroom

Additional Terms

  • Knots per hour: a measure of speed equal to one nautical mile (6076 feet) per hour

  • Line: rope used aboard a vessel

  • Helm: steering wheel

  • Fenders: inflatable bumper usually placed between yacht and dock to prevent damage

  • LOA (Lenght Over All): the length of the yacht from bow to stern in feet or meters

  • M/Y: commonly used in yachting to indicate a Motor Yacht

  • S/Y: commonly used in yachting to indicate a Sailing Yacht

  • Under Way: when the yacht is in motion

  • Watch: A division of crew into shifts

Which terms were tough for you when you first started? Tell us below!

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