Yacht Fitness

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30 Mar 2020

Yacht Fitness

Maintaining a consistent workout schedule while working on yachts can be tricky with small crew quarters, full work days, and limited free time. When you're busy on charter or with guests, it's easy to forget to take care of yourself. Luckily, there are some easy ways to create a fitness schedule even while on board:

Keep It Simple

Lack of space is not an excuse. You can do even the simplest of exercises in small spaces with zero equipment. There are plenty of body-weight exercises that require minimal space and equipment. If that's not your thing, yoga and stretching regularly increases your flexibility and keeps you relaxed.

Be Careful of Overexertion

While your workout should be challenging, it should never be to the point of injury. During guest trips where every crew member is crucial, you can't afford to be out of commission. Start slow and see how your body responds to the simple exercises above. If it's too easy, it's okay to hold a position for longer or add more reps. In the event of an injury, remember R.I.C.E. - rest, ice, compression, elevation. Rest and keep it iced and elevated when you're able to take a break, and keep it compressed in a bandage the rest of the time.

Don't Forget Your Mental Fitness

Your cabin can be a little oasis for daily self care. Have a cup of coffee, journal, meditate-whatever you need to do to mentally reset for the day. We recommend Headspace and Insight Timer Apps for a free way to meditate, which has been shown to lower stress and keep you calm. When your mind is in the right place, your body will follow.

What's your favorite way to keep fit on board?

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