An Open Letter to Crew & Captains Everywhere

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26 Aug 2020

An Open Letter to Crew & Captains Everywhere


Perhaps we've never met, perhaps we've shared a laugh or a drink in port somewhere, but we wanted to introduce ourselves — we're Meridiano. Our mission is to create a company that fosters a sense of respect, kindness, and support within the yachting community.

In the end, we're all in the hospitality industry. For us, it's to better serve the yachting community through technology and sharing opportunities. For you, it's to be of service to your guests through professionalism and kindness. In order to foster a sense of service, respect, and encouragement - it starts with all of us. Pettiness, elitism, competitiveness, discouragement have no place at Meridiano. Instead, we offer our open arms ready to help you the best way we can.

We believe in the following key pillars:

1. Encouragement

No matter where in your yachting career you find yourself, there is a place for you at Meridiano. We're here to provide advice, to help connect crew members with hiring managers, and to provide a sounding board for whatever concerns you have. Tell us when you get a job, we're excited to celebrate. Tell us when you're struggling, we'll find ways to help. We're here to encourage and listen.

2. Respect

We don't always have to agree, and perhaps we won't have a solution for you right now, but we promise to always treat you with respect and kindness. We respect both the hiring managers and crew members equally, because we know that one cannot exist without the other.

3. Sharing

Meridiano will share the successes of crew and captains, highlight inspiring stories, job opportunities and tips, and spread helpful information that will benefit all crew. We support the entire yachting community and we will rise together.

We want to personally invite you to reach out and tell us how we can better serve you.

Contact us anytime at

We're listening,

- Your Team

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