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10 Dec 2019

A Guide to the Yacht CV

If you're new to the yachting industry, you probably don't know that yachting CV/Resumes are very different from land-based jobs. It's usually very clear to yacht captains and hiring managers if you are not "in the know", and your CV will most likely get ignored. We want you to be prepared for your yachting career, so here's a quick guide to building a great yacht CV that will get you noticed!

Most yachting CVs include the following components:


1. Headshot/Photo

  • Your CV photo is what gets you noticed 100% of the time (for better or worse!) Wear a polo, hair pulled back for girls and tidy for guys, and don't forget to SMILE!

  • Make sure the photo is clear with proper lighting and bonus points for photos at a marina or on a boat

  • No sunglasses or selfies!!

2. Personal Information

  • Name

  • Birth date

  • Nationality

  • Languages Spoken

  • Passports/ Visas

  • Tattoos/Smoker

  • Email Address

  • Telephone Number (include country code)

3. Objectives/About Me

  • State the positions you're looking for - stewardess, deckhand, etc.

  • Include reasons why you would be a good team member

  • Special skills?

  • What's your unique selling point?

4. Qualifications/Certificates/Education

  • List yacht certificates and qualifying establishment (STCW, ENG1, USCG/PYA/MCA/RYA/PADI etc.)

  • Any other relevant qualifications for the position (ie, masseuse, dive instructor, etc)

5. Yacht Experience

  • List from most recent yacht experience at the top, and include yacht name, dates of employment, duties onboard, charter or private, and reason for leaving

  • Daywork does count, but be sure to list it as daywork!

6. Land- Based Experience (Optional: only if relevant to yachting)

  • List land-based work experience if it highlights any relevant skills that apply to the yacht position

7. References

  • Include the captain's name, yacht name, email and phone number

  • If you're new to the industry, include reference contact details from daywork

  • List it either under corresponding work experience or at the bottom

Make sure your CV format is clear and simple to follow.

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