10 Signs You're Friends With a Yachtie

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04 Nov 2019

10 Signs You're Friends With a Yachtie

After working on yachts, certain things become so normal that we forget how odd it might come across to our land friends. We asked our non-yachtie friends what it's like to be friends with us, and they had some pretty hilarious observations to share. Do you agree?

1. You'll catch them referring to your kitchen as the "galley", or the toilet as the "head"

2. Yachties are the oddest backseat drivers

Calling out distances to the nearest car when driving/parking and asking you to turn port or starboard when giving directions

3. They have a unique set of skills normal land-based people just don't have

Whether it's being able to whip up a perfect table setting before you utter the words "dinner party", fixing pretty much anything broken in your house (probably with their own toolset or Leatherman they always seem to be carrying), or know where to find the perfect cut of steak (because they have a "meat guy" or "seafood guy") and gourmet provisions within a 5-mile radius at all times

4. They don't ever need an excuse to drink rosé/champagne/rum/anything

Sun is shining? Is it a birthday? Because it's Tuesday? Yachties will be your most steadfast drinking companion

5. They always know the weather and wind conditions by the hour

6. Have endless photos from a beach/island/yacht and have the permanent tan to match it! (do they actually work??)

7. They'll throw around phrases like "we pick up our owners next week" like it's a normal thing they expect non-yachties to understand (they don't)

8. You love seeing them, but you won't know more than 24 hrs in advance before they show up at your door

9. There is a good chance they will miss your birthday, wedding, or [insert other major life event here] because of their job

10. Even if you don't see them often, yachtie friends will be loyal and steadfast friends for life

What do you think? Do your friends agree?

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