CREWmanager is free with every hiring platform subscription and allows you to manage all crew on board, their documents, training, leave, and more. Easily manage guests and their preferences too, including notes, menus, passports and other documents. With complete information on all crew and guests, use our time-saving Customs and Immigration tools to auto populate your entry forms.

Introducing CREWmanager

(free with any subscription plan)

Crew Management
Account Management
Guest Management
Leave Management
Auto Populated Customs & Immigration Forms

Crew Management: View all of your crew together on one dashboard. Keep track of any documents or training that are coming up for renewal.


Account Management: Add sub-admins to manage your CREWmanager platform.


Guest Management: Easily add guests and guest preference sheets to the program. Notes, menus, documents, it can manage them all!


Leave Management: See who is on the boat at any time, on vacation, or on leave. Quickly approve or deny leave requests from inside the app, and more.


Auto Populated Customs & Immigration Forms: Easily generate and print auto-populated entry forms for all crew and guests on board.