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Our mission is to be the most trusted and respected global platform that connects employers with exceptionally matched and vetted crew faster than anyone else. To make hiring through other companies unimaginable.


Our Story

Meridiano, led by CEO Garry Kyle, is a software as a service (SaaS) company that is dedicated to improving the crew hiring process in the yachting industry.

Following its buy and build strategy, Meridiano completed 2 acquisitions in 2020. First, Meridiano acquired Crew4Yachts, and then acquired the education and content assets of CrewCompass. Stacy Geddis, the owner of Crew4Yachts, created the first online CV database in the industry back in 2004. Stacy is now President of Meridiano.

In 2020, Garry and Stacy decided to leave the old Crew4Yachts platform behind and build a new platform from the ground up. With the help of employer and crew focus groups, Meridiano has built and brought to market the most innovative crew hiring platform in the industry. “I’ve always envisioned a centralized hiring platform that equally benefits crew, employers, and recruiters, while still remaining cost effective. And that’s exactly what Meridiano does,” says Stacy Geddis, President of Meridiano.

“Our feature rich platform ensures employers can quickly hire qualified and vetted crew, and then effectively manage them with the use of our CREWmanager,” says Garry Kyle, CEO of Meridiano.

Who We Are

When we set out to bring Meridiano into a new era, we knew our focus would be on creating software that can make something complex and timely, like hiring, more efficient and economical for our customers. We are committed to continually refining our software to make your experience better, which is why we employ a large engineering team with decades of experience.

But software can only go so far, which is why our biggest asset continues to be our dedicated staff and tight-knit company culture built on respect, fairness, and customer service. At the end of the day, it’s more important to us to have a happy customer rather than every customer. Join today, and let us show you the Meridiano difference.

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